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Mud bogging is more than a hobby for us. It's a passion, a way  to capture and celebrate life. With the wind at our back and the mud flying at our sides, we feel a sense of freedom and joy. However, that freedom comes with a price. A very high price. We must always remember to extend our gratitude and honor to all those who pay that price for us, both here and abroad. All of us here at MAKING TRAKZ would like to thank the many men and women who defend and serve our country to allow us such precious freedoms. We would also like to thank and honor their  families whose sacrifices make this possible. We salute you!  Edit

We are excited that you are visiting our web site. Our company is here to provide information and services connected to racing.

On this site you'll find information about various mud tracks and schedules as well as some services which may be of interest to racers and fans alike.

We hope you will find all of the information you are looking for about our company and its affiliates. We hope you enjoy your visit to us.



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